MacGyver 2.10 – Three For the Road

There’s a huge classic car show in town this weekend. It’s an enormous one, with something like three hundred beautiful old cars coming to Chattanooga. All three hundred of those owners would probably cringe over the fate of the lovely ’59 Cadillac in this story. MacGyver catches a lift from two senior citizens on a road trip, not knowing that they’d unwittingly picked up a few thousand dollars in counterfeit bills from a criminal played by Battlestar Galactica’s Richard Hatch.

This poor car. Okay, it was evidently due for the scrapyard anyway or something, but when MacGyver removes the muffler and rips out the padding from the back seat to pack his makeshift mortar, it just plain hurt to watch. It resulted in an incredibly amusing special effect, and our son just loved it, but blast your eyes, Hollywood. That was no way for a car this pretty to be treated.

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