RIP Chuck McCann, 1934-2018

We’re very sorry to hear that actor Chuck McCann has died. He was also a writer and TV presenter, and an omnipresent face in the 1970s, with appearances on everything from commercials to Columbo. I knew him best as Barney in Sid and Marty Krofft’s hilarious Far Out Space Nuts and was really sorry to hear that such a funny, popular guy has left us. Our condolences to his friends and family.

One thought on “RIP Chuck McCann, 1934-2018

  1. Sad news, indeed! The ranks continue to thin. I grew up watching McCann on FAR OUT SPACE NUTS, but in later years my favorite McCann performance was on STARSKY & HUTCH, “Silence,” where he played a gentle kitten-loving deaf-mute named Larry. I’ll have t watch it again in tribute, or maybe try to turn up a copy of his film THE PROJECTIONIST, which I’ve read was very good. Thanks for sharing this news, discouraging as it is.

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