The Goodies 1.6 – Cecily

It’s not available for preorder yet, but Network’s planning to release a complete collection of The Goodies later this year. I haven’t committed to buying it yet. I’d like to see some reviews first and see just how complete it is. There’s some understandable feeling that since the show mocked some seventies entertainers that were later discovered to be horrible people – Savile, Harris – the current climate might see these references censored or omitted. So we’ll see what the reviewers say before I commit to it.

We watched “Cecily,” from the first series, this afternoon, and the main story was somewhat amusing, but the best gag was one of the commercial parodies. It’s for a laundry detergent called Razz, and I swear I remember similar American ads in the seventies, where some spokesman tries to persuade the shopper who just purchased the product to trade it in for something else – “We’ll give you three boxes of our soap for that one you just bought!” Andrew Pixley’s booklet notes say that it’s a parody of a British ad campaign for Tide, so I guess the ads were transatlantic. It ends with a completely wonderful punchline that had me roaring.

The other notable thing is that they filmed at a large house that was due to be torn down, and had the visual effects crew work with the actual demolition team to pull off a special effect that the BBC could never accomplish on their own. Last year, when we looked at the 1971 Doctor Who story “The Dæmons,” I wondered how viewers could possibly believe that the miniature church that blew up was the real thing. Maybe some of those viewers had seen this the year before and concluded that the visual effects team was just that good!

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