The Avengers 5.4 – The See-Through Man

This morning’s episode of The Avengers was brilliantly timed. Last night, after watching the second half of the super-frightening Doctor Who story “Pyramids of Mars,” our son grumbled to his mother as he was getting ready for bed “I hope Doctor Who gets less scary and more funny again.” So he definitely needed another dose of light, and happily Warren Mitchell is back as the hapless and barely competent Ambassador Brodny in Philip Levene’s “The See-Through Man.”

I reminded our son that Brodny had originally appeared in season four’s “Two’s a Crowd,” a story that he didn’t enjoy very much because he couldn’t understand a lot of it. But “The See-Through Man” is a much simpler story to follow. It’s about agents from “the other side” buying an invisibility formula from a screwball British scientist played by Roy Kinnear. It would have been an amusing enough episode without Warren Mitchell. With him, it’s hilariously entertaining. I believe that Mitchell had recently finished making the first series of the BBC comedy Till Death Us Do Part before this was filmed. It’s a shame the character didn’t make a third appearance. I bet he would have been terrific fun opposite Linda Thorson.

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