Sky 1.4 – What Dread Hand

Man alive, this thing took a sharp turn into completely creepy tonight. Sky spends the entire episode in the intensive care unit of the local hospital after Goodchild’s last attack, but Mother Earth’s agent isn’t done with the visitor from space yet. No, because Mother Earth’s manifestation is out to give every young viewer watching this nightmares forever, the dude uses his mental powers to persuade everyone in the hospital to get an operating theater ready. Can you imagine being a kid with a fear of hospitals and watching this horror show? Mother Earth is going to literally carve out this “infection” from space by operating on Sky’s brain!

Our son was behind the sofa. Was he ever behind the sofa. “This is TOTALLY the opposite of good,” he told us. “Goodchild’s name is totally wrong! He’s not a child and he’s totally not good! He is the opposite of good!”

I’m enjoying the daylights out of this, and I think he’s loving being scared, but the little dude’s earned some R & R and a couple of days’ break from the intensity.

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