MacGyver 1.15 – The Enemy Within

Our son gave this one a qualified thumbs-up. He was not at all happy with all the kissing between guest stars Michael Goodwin and Lynn-Holly Johnson, and between our hero and Viktoriya Fyodorova, who plays a Soviet defector, and as soon as the episode ended, he was talking about Minecraft.

This time out, there’s a mole in the agency passing information to the other side and there is exactly one credible suspect. If you need any help figuring it out, just ask yourself how often we see the attractive spouses of fellow agents in programs like these, and how often they cast recognizable faces like Lynn-Holly Johnson for the part.

I thought it was flat and dull and enlivened only by a grimly comic turn by Arthur Malet as the pathologist. Beau Starr also has a small part as a Soviet killer called Lem. I recognized him from the ensemble cast of A Nero Wolfe Mystery, but he’s probably best known as Lt. Welsh on Due South.


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