MacGyver 1.14 – Countdown

Tonight’s episode was about as dull and predictable as adventure TV gets. It’s got a character whose fate is sealed as soon as he mentions a baby on the way, and a villain that the director insists on fingering by way of a dozen utterly unnecessary cutaway shots. At one point, Pete says something like “Who could our mystery villain possibly be?” and the camera lingers on the obvious suspect, sweating bullets.

For what it’s worth, this one is about a bomb threat on a passenger cruise liner in the north Pacific. It has Steven Williams, who’d later play Black Jack Savage on NBC and have the recurring role of Mr. X in The X Files, and Ellen Bry, who had been the nosy cub reporter in that seventies Spider-Man show, and had finished a three year run as Nurse Daniels on St. Elsewhere the previous season. Our son liked it more than the previous episode, possibly because there isn’t any smooching this time out.

And no, sadly, I can’t find any connection between this and “The Creature From the Pit.” I know you’re all as disappointed as me.

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