MacGyver 1.12 – Deathlock

Everybody remembers that one episode of McMillan & Wife where they’re trapped in the house with a big pest control bag. This is the MacGyver equivalent, where Mac, his boss Pete (who had been introduced in episode eleven), and guest-star-with-an-obvious secret Wendy Schaal are trapped in what was supposed to be an agency safe house in Los Angeles. Our son wasn’t as pleased with this adventure, written by Stephen Kandel, as the others that we’ve seen. I think his main objection is that MacGyver spends too much time smooching the guest star.

The villain, Quayle, is played by Christopher Neame, a British actor who I believe had only recently moved to America. To me, he’s best known for playing the incredibly entertaining villain Skagra in the never-completed-for-years Doctor Who story “Shada,” but he has a list of credits a mile deep. It looks like Neame will return as different characters later in this series. Shame; Quayle might have made a good recurring baddie.

The opening gambit this time features the most shameless overuse of repurposed footage so far. This time, they pilfered whacking great chunks from the bridge sequence in Funeral in Berlin and cut to some shots of Mac in the casket. I didn’t time it, but I bet three-quarters of that scene is culled from the movie.


3 thoughts on “MacGyver 1.12 – Deathlock

  1. I was curious to see if Wendy Schaal was related to Kristen Schaal. So I went on IMDb to check. While they are not related, Wendy Schaal was a guest star on one of my favorite episodes of “Night Court.” I won’t mention what her character does (this is a family blog, after all). Still, she has quite the interesting CV…

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