The Avengers 4.19 – Quick-Quick Slow Death

Well, here’s where all the extras and additional speaking parts that “The Thirteenth Hole” was missing went! They managed their resources really well, actually, because Robert Banks Stewart’s “Quick-Quick Slow Death” is a complete hoot. It is so fun, and so silly. The scheme to smuggle in foreign agents by way of a dance academy was a little too complicated for our son to understand at all, but he had several good laughs.

My favorite recurring bit is with that fine actor John Woodnutt, who plays a military captain. He gets injured early on, choked unconscious with a necktie. For the rest of the episode, he doesn’t actually speak, just coughs and gasps his answers to Steed’s questions. Then there’s Mrs. Peel getting some remarkably prurient-minded attention from a tattooist and from a shoemaker, and then there’s a bandleader who “composes” a “band” made up of full-sized photos of himself holding various instruments, the identity of a killer finding its way onto a garlic sausage… the whole story is a completely charming delight.

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