Catweazle 1.4 – The Witching Hour

I’m afraid that while our son enjoyed some of the gags in this episode, he really didn’t understand the plot at all, and didn’t ask for our help. This time out, Carrot asks for Catweazle’s help in coming up with a spell to help his father lose interest in a Jaguar-driving posh lady played by an Australian actress named June Jago. The price of the spell? One box of matches. Wizards work cheap when they don’t understand the value of things.

Catweazle comes up with a spell that requires a little hair from the target, which is handy as she has an appointment in a beauty salon. The series appears to have been filmed in the summer of 1969, and this salon is the most 1969 thing ever. But while the wizard’s antics had him giggling, our son had absolutely no idea what he was up to. It turns out that he didn’t understand what a voodoo doll was, and so Catweazle’s magic had him stumped. How odd. Children’s television used to be full of voodoo dolls. I wonder where they all went?

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