Catweazle 1.3 – The Curse of Rapkyn

Hey, it’s Peter Sallis! I wasn’t expecting to run into many guest stars that I recognize in this show. It’s always nice to see Peter Sallis. He was such a great talent. He plays a museum curator in this one.

In this one, Carrot wonders whether the farm’s ongoing financial problems might be a real, honest-to-badness curse on the land. If he can find out that there is one, then Catweazle might be able to lift it, right? And indeed it turns out that a witch named Rapkyn did curse the land and then hid away two cursed stones on the property to keep the bad luck going. But how can they find the stones?

We thought this one was just hilarious. On the down side, the sound quality on these episodes is pretty fair at best; I guess they didn’t have a good sound recordist to place the microphones on location. But the concentration pays off, because Catweazle’s yelping and fumbling is really amusing, and the physical comedy is just great. Our son and I really enjoyed what happens when Catweazle finds the head of a stag mounted on a wall. The old wizard’s never seen anything like that before!

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