Catweazle 1.2 – Castle Saburac

Four months ago, we watched the first episode of Catweazle and our son wasn’t crazy about it. I figured he needed a little time, and while I’d planned to wait until 2018 for more, it actually works pretty well for our schedule to start it up now.

“Castle Saburac” is set the day after the silly events of the first episode, and sees Catweazle further flummoxed by the weird world of 1970. Baths horrify him, and he catches sight of an airplane – a winged fish that roars – with intense worry. I think most of this episode might have been scripted around the available location, because there’s a fun game of hide and seek around a really unsafe-looking abandoned house that’s missing most of its upper floor.

Our son was more pleased with this outing. I think he realizes that Catweazle is in no real danger from anybody, but there are silly chases and magic spells. He makes himself invisible to the maid, which is handy because she’s one of those only-on-television females who start screaming whenever she sees a nearly naked man. It ends with Catweazle and Carrot finding a new and safe place for him to live, an old and abandoned military water tower which he coins Castle Saburac, after the apparent name of the spirit who sent him to the 20th Century. Its strong walls can withstand a barrage of enemy arrows. Our son says that he’d like an abandoned water tower of his own to make a castle, which means he’s probably going to handle the next eleven episodes just fine.

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