The Twilight Zone 1.10 – Judgment Night

I’d like to claim that we made peace with the reality that our son has absolutely no memory for faces whatsoever, but for pity’s sake, he just saw Patrick Macnee last night, and he still had no idea who that guy playing number one on the doomed SS Queen of Glasgow was. Of course, on the other end of the spectrum, there’s me, spending half my life wondering what episode of what ITC action show that one guy playing the henchman in this other ITC action show was in. Maybe ignorance is bliss.

Macnee spent the late 1950s doing lots of work for American and Canadian television. He was seen frequently in the sort of sponsor-driven drama anthologies common to the era, with titles like Alcoa Theater and General Motors Presents. He was in a couple of Playhouse 90 features, and had a small role in Disney’s mini-series The Swamp Fox. He had to go back to the UK for fame and fortune, though. The first episode of The Avengers aired thirteen months after this episode.

For what it’s worth, this story is about a man played by Nehemiah Persoff who’s suffering from amnesia and deja vu in 1942, convinced that a U-boat is due to sink the ship where he’s awakened without memory at 1:15 in the morning. It’s a grim twist this week, and, unlike what we saw in the much better known “Time Enough at Last,” this fellow has his cruel fate coming.

We’re going to take a short break from The Twilight Zone, but stay tuned! We’ll return with more episodes from season one in October!

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