Doctor Who: Colony in Space (part five)

“Colony in Space” is another of those Doctor Who six-parters that is at least one episode too long. This one’s the turkey in this serial, and I think it and the next part really should have been combined into one, “Dominators”-style, for a leaner five-parter.

There are a few interesting points in this one. I’m not sure why, but I like that the episode spends so much time inside the Master’s TARDIS, and I like that the real adjudicator from Earth, whose identity the Master stole, is actually given a name, Martin Jurgens. Poor Martin probably got dumped out an airlock or had his tissues compressed and eliminated.

But having the IMC people come right back to the area of the colony after being forced off the planet gives this half-hour its repetitive feel. The episode begins with the wrap-up of the shootout from episode four, and then climaxes with another one. The entire installment is just about turning the tables with the supporting players, while the real meat of the Doctor and the Master going to explore the primitives’ city is pushed back to part six. It would have been more interesting, and less of a dull runaround, if the mining corporation had left the narrative completely and two of the colonists found the key to the Master’s ship instead of Caldwell and Morgan.

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