Logan’s Run 1.3 – Capture

Many shows in the seventies would have, instead of a pre-titles scene, a little teaser reel of bits from the episode you’re about to watch. Columbo did this, and so did The Rockford Files, often to good effect.

Unfortunately, somebody made the dumb decision to do that with this series and give away the big plot reveal, that Jessica has not actually been kidnapped by slave-trading mutants who live by a nearby swamp, but by a sadistic and downright demented couple who play “the most dangerous game.” They’re played by Horst Buchholz, who we saw in The Amazing Captain Nemo just four days ago, and Mary Woronov, who Goff and Roberts had cast in the legendary “Angels in Chains” episode of Charlie’s Angels the year before.

I was actively bothered by the spoiler. I don’t know why it aggravated me so much, but the episode didn’t have anything to keep my attention – “man is the most dangerous animal of all!” has never been a plot trope I enjoy – so my mind wandered and I imagined a different clip reel that suggested it was about Logan and Francis teaming up in a desperate bid to save Jessica, so that when the villains revealed their plans, it would have been a nasty surprise.


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