Doctor Who: Spearhead from Space (part four)

I love, love, love the last part of this story. The bit where the window dummies come to life and start indiscriminately killing pedestrians and policemen is just terrific. It’s one of my favorite scenes in all of Doctor Who, directed and shot just perfectly, with some of the most well-matched incidental music in the entire series to accompany it.

Our son handled it very bravely. His jaw unclenched and he looked in wide-eyed surprise at what he was seeing, but nothing really frightened him this time out. There are some very nicely staged action scenes throughout the episode – and, in fairness, Jon Pertwee making faces while great big green plastic tentacles wrap around his head – but while they were all well-staged by the director, Derek Martinus, they weren’t quite enough for him. He was ready for the tanks and the bombs. His favorite part was when the Nestenes’ big gestalt body died and all the Autons collapsed. “I liked it best when the bad guys either die or get knocked out!” he said.

Overall, he said that “Spearhead” was “pretty cool,” but Pertwee has yet to dislodge Patrick Troughton as his favorite Doctor so far. But he’ll have plenty more chances. There are twenty-three more serials to go!



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2 responses to “Doctor Who: Spearhead from Space (part four)

  1. …but Pertwee has yet to dislodge Patrick Troughton as his favorite Doctor so far.

    Any thoughts on who you think will be his favorite? Troughton’s my favorite, but I started to seriously watch the show when I was much older (thanks to you, as you know…)

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