Freewheelers 6.13 – Pay Off

Oh, good. Buchan figured it out like I was hoping last time. After the first storyline ended through luck and betrayal instead of any actual work on the heroes’ part, I was a little worried.

This one has a pretty terrific finale, full of fistfights and gunplay and a visit from both a naval helicopter and some stock footage of a couple of destroyers. Our son was really pleased with this adventure and all the excitement. I was very glad that he enjoyed it so much.

Unfortunately, as I wrote a few weeks ago, this is the only Freewheelers story available at present. This would be the final appearances for Colonel Buchan, Ryan, and Burke, and the last for Sue for a while. Series seven, shown in the fall of 1972, featured Mike and Steve along with a new character played by Caroline Ellis getting involved in a couple of adventures. In the fall of 1973, series eight featured just Sue, along with a new character played by Martin Neil, in a thirteen-week story.

It ended there after 104 episodes, which is an insanely high number for a British show from this period. The last two seasons were repeated on a satellite channel in the nineties, from which some bootlegs made their way around. Some wiseguy even got a listing on Amazon UK for his DVD-R boots of these episodes. I confess that I was tempted, but decided to hope that one day they’ll get a legitimate release. Fingers crossed!

2 thoughts on “Freewheelers 6.13 – Pay Off

  1. Grant, I have so many thoughtful comments from you on my blog to thank you for, and now also for introducing me to a UK show I had never heard of. That said, I will blame you for the trouble and expense tracking Freewheelers down will no doubt cause me!
    I do love the way you give your son’s reactions to these shows – no doubt a more reliable indicator of how they have worn than the opinions of older men.

    1. I think the high price tag on those bootlegs will keep me away from the other three existing series. Money’s not exactly tight, but it certainly would be if I started dropping £120 plus shipping on bootleg Freewheelers episodes… Help us out, Simply!

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