Thunderbirds are Go 2.5 – Colony

I am enjoying the use of recurring supporting players in this series. In tonight’s episode, Patrick Rieger, who wrote “Relic” in the first series, reintroduces that episode’s Captain Taylor, an old friend of Jeff Tracy’s who had been in charge of the moonbase but is now needed to help a runaway passenger freighter to Mars. I wonder whether we’ll see Taylor and the Mars colony again.

This was another huge hit for our son, even if Dr. Science was not entirely certain about how this episode used… well, pretty much everything about physics in a vacuum. It also gave us the opportunity to talk about why a heat shield would be needed to enter a planet’s atmosphere, so he got a lesson in friction and meteorites. You could see his little heart sink when he learned that about three-quarters of the meteorites that do make it through our atmosphere just splash into the ocean. That makes it a lot harder to find them!


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