Doctor Who: The Krotons (part four)

I was reading around and see that there’s some conflicting information about this show’s origins. I had read somewhere that Robert Holmes first wrote this on spec as a six-part serial, and that’s what Wikipedia says without citation. I’ve also read, though, that this was submitted in ’65 as a one-hour episode of Out of the Unknown. Wherever it came from, even if I didn’t care for it much, I’m glad it got Holmes involved with Doctor Who.

Our son really liked the monsters more than the story itself, which is kind of what you expect from a five year-old. He was really shocked when the Gonds’ leader was killed – “dispersed” – by the Krotons. He even says that he likes the Krotons “a little bit more” than the Yeti! I dunno, maybe if you’re able to forget about their silly rubber skirts, they’re not that bad for Doctor Who monsters. At least their upper torsos and heads don’t look bad, and I liked the deep, booming voices that Roy Skelton and Patrick Tull gave them. Our son does clarify, however, that he does not like the Krotons as much as he likes the Daleks and the Ice Warriors.


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