Doctor Who: The Dominators (part five)

The story goes that Derrick Sherwin edited the originally-scripted fifth and sixth episode of this story into this one lean, mean twenty-five minute episode. If so, rather than working on the BBC’s Paul Temple in the early seventies, he could have been put to great use editing some of those many long, bloated Pertwee six-parters into four or five episodes instead. This may not be art, but it moves incredibly fast – unrealistically so, to be fair – and it’s paced downright brilliantly for kindergartners.

Our five year-old was a little frightened, but he loved this. As the Dominators got closer and closer to finishing their drilling, he was incredibly excited. When their borehole was finished, he jumped up with an “oh, no!” and hopped up and down, worried that our heroes wouldn’t finish their interception tunnel in time. And when the Dominators’ flying saucer exploded in mid-air, he cheered – slash- taunted “Ha, ha!” like Sqidward from Spongebob Squarepants. He really enjoyed this story, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Quarks were to join his rogues’ gallery of favorite monsters.


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