Doctor Who: The Dominators (part three)

It’s impossible not to like Wendy Padbury’s character of Zoe more than the companion that she replaced, Deborah Watling’s Victoria. Victoria had been a pampered rich girl from Victorian England, and simply lacked the know-how to get out of trouble. She was adrift. Zoe’s best moments are yet to come, but she’s resourceful, a planner. She doesn’t have the most common sense in the world, but she can be relied upon to be active when the plot separates her from the Doctor and Jamie.

That said, the rot is definitely setting in with this episode. The Dominators’ squabbling is already tiresome, and the endless debate and discussion among the placid, bureaucratic Dulcians is enough to make anybody root for the Dominators and the Quarks. By far the best stuff this week is some really amusing physical comedy and face-pulling when the Doctor is rewiring a travel capsule rocket and dumping a bunch of cords and props in Jamie’s lap.

On the home front, our son is enjoying this one, or at least he was until the cliffhanger, when Jamie and Arthur Cox’s character are trapped inside an exploding building while the Quarks are bombarding it. He didn’t like that at all, but he loved seeing Jamie blast a Quark into pieces with a laser gun just a moment before.


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