Doctor Who: The Dominators (part two)

As predicted, our son loves the Quarks, the little robotic servants of the Dominators… with a caveat. When the episode was over, he demonstrated their “recharge” dance of opening and closing their arms, and told us about the little spikes on their heads, and said that he liked their box-like bodies, but not the legs, oddly. The legs he didn’t like.

He was really thrilled when a third Quark showed up. We saw two in the Dominators’ spaceship, but at the end of the episode when they go out to destroy the Dulcians’ research base, they take a third along and he about hopped out of his seat. “I thought there were only two of them!”

The Quarks were played by three school-aged boys on their summer holiday. Their voices are a high-pitched electronic chirp voiced by Sheila Grant which is just this side of unintelligible, so we’re watching this story with subtitles!


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