Jason of Star Command – Chapters 15 and 16

Chapter 15 of Jason of Star Command ends with one of those classic cliffhangers where the heroes think that they’ve won, but the villains have one last trick. And our son, smiling from ear to ear, instantly despaired as three clones of the evil Dragos appeared to mock Jason and Nicole. The fiend!

All was well in the end, of course, and the climactic space battle, which looks pretty darn impressive for a 1978 Saturday morning show, had him cheering, and the final destruction of the Death Sta– I mean, Dragonship, was the greatest thing ever. “That was rockin’, bro!” he announced. Then it was our turn to despair at his awful slang. I think this kid’s really going to enjoy Star Wars when we introduce him to it in a few months.

Jason would have a few cast changes when the show returned for the second season, so this would be the final appearances of Nicole and Commander Canarvin. Susan Pratt, who acted under her married name of O’Hanlon for this series, has appeared in a few guest star roles in soap operas and dramas. James Doohan was not available for the second season because he was working on the first of the Star Trek feature films in 1978-79. He appeared in six of those movies along with some Trek video games and TV episodes, while working in some guest star parts for other dramas and appearing at quite a few fan conventions around the world every year. He largely retired in 1999 and passed away in 2005.


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