Ultraman 1.29 – The Challenge Into Subterra

In keeping with that long and proud tradition in adventure TV of the heroes getting a new gadget immediately before it’s needed, Ito has just finished building a new underground tank with a whacking great drill on the front and what turns out to be a pair of underground gold-eating monsters shows up to devastate a town. The tank is immediately reminiscent of the Mole in Thunderbirds, and our son shocked us by saying that he likes this tank even better than the beloved Mole. I wasn’t expecting that!

While underground, Ito and Mura rescue a miner who’s going a little loopy, and he explains that the Goldon has eaten all of the gold he’s found. “That’s why the monster went outside the mountain,” our son reasoned. “It has eaten all the gold in that gold mine and now it needs to find another gold mine to eat all of its gold.” In the end, with both beasts destroyed, the narrator assures us in the show’s constantly clueless way that the miner received half of the 150 tons of gold extracted from the creatures, and the Science Patrol donated their half to rebuild the town.

Since there’s contradictory evidence as to when Ultraman is set, it’s not strictly possible to put a dollar amount on that quantity of gold, but I’m pretty sure that an immediate new source that large would have a pretty big impact on the Japanese market for precious metals.


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