Ultraman 1.27 – The Prince of Monsters (part two)

In part two of this adventure, Gomora destroys a 500 year-old castle, but our son assures us that it’s not a problem. “When a monster destroys your building, all you have to do is just tell a builder to build a new one. Yep. That’s all you have to do!”

Pronouncing this episode as “really cool,” he enjoyed the setup and the explosives. You know those bits in Toho monster movies where the tanks and missile launchers and that big truck with the big dish laser move into position and, in the foreground, bombard the monster with rockets and bombs? This episode is twenty-five minutes of that, enough to put any little boy in complete heaven. Being the boring old man I am, I was more interested in the awesome aerial footage of Tokyo, proving that even fifty years ago, that was one freaking gigantic city.


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