Ultraman 1.26 – The Prince of Monsters (part one)

Maybe it’s just me, but growing up, it sure did seem like there were a lot more monsters sleeping in mountains than kids these days get to see. This one is called Gomora, and the Ultraman Wiki tells me that the beast, or others like it, will make many more appearances in the Ultra-series. This will start with tomorrow night’s episode, because, surprisingly, this is a two-parter! Gomora is so powerful that Ultraman cannot defeat him in the time allowed, and he has to retreat. Nothing like this has ever happened before.

Our son absolutely loved this one. He had Gomora pegged as “super dangerous” from the outset, and had some interesting advice on how to destroy it. See, in a credibility-straining moment, the Science Patrol gasses the monster to sleep and somehow tows the 9000-ton monster to Japan using three of their ships. Those things have a lot more lift than I would have thought. Anyway, instead of flying the sleeping monster to a lab in Japan, our son suggested they should drop him in the ocean. “The ocean water will make him dead because he’ll drink too much and it’s not safe to drink!”

A delightful Dr. Science moment: a paleontologist tells Arashi that Gomora’s dinosaur ancestor, Gomorasaurus, was the first living creature on our planet, one million years ago. Where did that clown get his doctorate again?


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