Jason of Star Command – Chapters 7 and 8

Not a lot happens in these two chapters, but in chapter seven, we learn that Dragos has a remote planetoid staffed by a guy who claims to be Captain Kidd along with a bunch of hologram people and sound effects of dinosaurs. Is this chapter a polite tip of the hat to Sid and Marty Krofft’s Land of the Lost, which went down in cancellation the year before? The planetoid is called “Limbo of the Lost,” the holograms are of cavemen, cowboys, and pirates, suggesting they’ve all been caught in time warps, and the dinosaur sound effects clearly include the exact screeches of pterodactyls that the Kroffts had used.

Another little bit caught my attention. As Jason attacks the Death Sta– I mean, Dragonship in chapter eight, we see that the big craft’s “arms,” which end in big radar dishes, are not fixed in place and can slowly move. I’m very impressed by the miniature work in this series, and that little affectation was not necessary for the model. But it sure looks neat!

Apart from Jason talking to Kidd in an “Arrr, matey” pirate voice, our son was most impressed by the space ships firing lasers at each other. He was very excited and enjoyed this tremendously. But his biggest grin came in the preview for the next installment, because it’s revealed that the robot Peepo from Space Academy is coming to visit.

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