Ultraman 1.25 – The Mystery Comet Typhoon

The giant monster wrestling in this episode was really fun this time, and our son got into it. “Get up and use your super ray, Ultraman!” our son urged. “Use it right now!”

The situation was convoluted, but really quite fun. So a comet was passing by earth, and emitting rays that could set off any partially-deactivated nuclear bombs. One couldn’t be found, and Ito figured that a monster had swallowed it. So the team heads off to the northern mountains where they first run into a big Yeti monster called Gigass, and then a winged alien monster called Dorako flies in from the comet for a wrestling match. This wakes up a dormant Red King – we first met one of those back in episode eight – leaving Ito to conclude that it swallowed the bomb, and lament that they have to deal with three monsters now.

Dorako gets finished off by the other two, though there would be plenty more where it came from. Dorakos turn into pretty common recurring villains in the Ultra-series. The Science Patrol bombs Gigass into atoms with a disintegration bomb, and Ultraman fights Red King, having a much tougher time than he had against the one back on the island of monsters. But our son’s pleas were answered, and our hero eventually uses one of his “super rays” and slices the Red King into three sections (!!!) and flies the chunk with the H-bomb in it out into space.

I decided against including a photo of all three beasts as I certainly should have, because the director steadfastly refused to show all three monsters clearly onscreen at the same time as he certainly should have. A cursory look around has not turned up a publicity photo of all three together, either. So I picked a photo of Hiroko Sakurai in front of three of her co-stars; she’s much prettier than the monsters.


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