Wonder Woman 1.7 – The Pluto File

Would you believe Robert Reed – dad Mike on The Brady Bunch – as an international super-assassin? He honestly pulls it off, which shouldn’t be a surprise. Before he got typecast as everybody’s favorite sitcom dad, Reed had been a very highly respected dramatic actor. He co-starred with EG Marshall on The Defenders for five seasons, and almost every one of his dozens of non-Brady roles saw him playing a huge variety of dramatic parts, either in films or as a go-to guest star in practically every American prime-time show of the seventies. The Brady Bunch, however, was such an earthquake on popular culture that it’s easy to overlook all the cops, lawyers, criminals, and doctors that he played.

Earthquake. Hee hee. This one’s about a professor, played by I Dream of Jeannie‘s Hayden Rorke, who develops a way to start earthquakes, and Reed plays the Falcon, an international mercenary who wants to steal the formula and start an atomic explosion outside Washington. Also, he’s carrying the bubonic plague. The Falcon doesn’t do things by halves.

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