Jason of Star Command – Chapters 3 and 4

Well, if you’re going to be running around a Death Sta– I mean, a Dragonship, you probably need to find a princess to rescue. Jason of Star Command‘s fourth chapter introduces Princess Allegra, who wears a bedsheet or a curtain or something. She’s played by Rosanne Katon, who had starred in the blaxploitation classic Ebony, Ivory & Jade a couple of years previously and was Playboy‘s star attraction literally the very month this program debuted. Considering how the networks’ Saturday morning censors were in a constant state of indigestion in the 1970s, I’m just going to conclude that somebody in CBS’s children’s department was not paying attention.

Our son just adores this program. It’s exciting and incredibly fast-paced and has monsters and explosions and special effects. It also has almost no character development whatever, but he doesn’t need that. He was particularly fascinated by the scene where the “energy clone” of James Doohan’s Commander Canarvin starts running out of energy and begins dissolving into a yellow blur.

I actually enjoyed a couple of scenes where Jason wanders about the Dragonship with impunity and starts reprogramming everything and opening the launch bays without the villains knowing. 25 years later, this would happen about every week on the Stargate shows.


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