Doctor Who: The Web of Fear (part six)

He wavered a bit in the beginning, but overall our son really enjoyed this story. Although when I reminded him about his confusion the other night about blowing up the tunnels, he still wasn’t sure about things. “They don’t need to blow up the tunnels anymore because they stopped the Yeti?”

This episode starts with a lot of growling, roaring Yeti action in the tunnels, and he was under his blanket (not his security blanket, the other one) so much that he got mad static in his hair and it’s all puffed out like Thomas Dolby. He was mistaken about the traitor – it’s actually Staff Sergeant Arnold, or more accurately his reanimated corpse, who has been the Intelligence’s eyes and hands. I’d have guessed Harold Chorley myself. He shows up again for a few minutes this week.

Having watched “The Enemy of the World” and “The Web of Fear” a couple of times since their discovery and return, I’m not sure which I enjoy more. With our son, it’s no contest – he likes the Yeti even more than the Cybermen – but I think “Enemy” is the better story and “Web” the one with better direction. Everybody has their fingers crossed that the good fellows at TIEA will find a few more missing treasures very soon.

Six of the many missing episodes that would be nice to see back are the six parts of “Fury From the Deep,” the next serial in the series, which is entirely lost, save some clips and photos. Since “Deep” was the final story for Deborah Watling’s character of Victoria Waterfield, tonight was the last we’d see of the character. Watling didn’t go on to a star career; among other appearances, she had a small role in the David Essex/Ringo Starr film That’ll Be the Day in 1973, and had a recurring part in Danger UXB in 1979. Watling is much beloved by fans for her… let’s say unique line readings in various Doctor Who documentaries, fan projects, and charity specials (“Hong… KONG!” and “Who was that TERRIBLE WOMAN?!” for starters), and it’s a shame that she wasn’t given a better character in Who than the terrified, screaming orphan dashing from one horror to another.

We’ll pick back up with season six of Doctor Who in February, but we’ve got plenty of TV episodes and movies to look at before then. As always, thanks for reading!


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