Ultraman 1.23 – My Home is Earth

I’ve never enjoyed “My Home is Earth,” in which a French astronaut named Jamila returns after having been mutated into a monster by some alien force. Strangely, our son didn’t enjoy this episode at all, either. He thought Jamila’s design was really grotesque and a scene where a little boy puts himself in danger to rescue some pigeons had him muttering “I don’t want to watch this!” aloud for the first time in several weeks. What a shame he didn’t enjoy it; he was wondering over supper what tonight’s monster would look like.

I don’t like this one because they’re trying to do something different and present a sympathetic and tragic enemy, but it all descends into the usual wrestling. I don’t like the way that Adam, their fellow agent from the Science Patrol’s French Division (we met him in episode seven) sees this hideous giant monster and instantly deduces that it is M. Jamila, and I don’t like how the heroes somehow know that water will kill the creature. You can chalk both of these up to something being lost in translation, but it all makes for a very clumsy and disappointing episode.

(Not to pause on a low note, but we’ll be taking a short break from Ultraman, and will resume this series in three weeks while starting something new. Stay tuned for more!)


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