Wonder Woman 1.2 – Fausta, the Nazi Wonder Woman

Here’s a bit of television that I can imagine anybody my age remembering vividly. When people like me say that the wartime season of Wonder Woman was its best, we’re remembering pretty much the events of this episode, with small variations, every week. It’s Nazi spies, secret bases, double agents, Steve Trevor needing to be rescued at least twice, trap doors – also twice – and one of those rooms where the walls move in to crush you like that trash compactor in Star Wars.

This one guest stars the married actors Lynda Day George and her husband Christopher as Nazi agents. She’s Fausta Grables, a former Olympian, and he’s a Gestapo agent called Rojack. Fausta spends the episode being essentially the only resourceful and efficient agent in all of Germany, and she would have won the day had her superiors not been a bunch of stupid clods telling her to be quiet and let the menfolk do their work. It’s kind of easy for a superhero like Wonder Woman to sow the seeds of doubt when the Nazis are making her question her loyalties in every scene.

Nevertheless, Fausta’s inevitable turning went over very well with our son. “I liked it most when the woman trying to capture Wonder Woman turned good and won’t try to capture her anymore.” He also reported being very pleased with the fights and the escapes from various traps.


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