Doctor Who: The Tomb of the Cybermen (part three)

Our son had a little better time understanding the Cybermen’s voices in tonight’s episode, and really loved how exciting it was. He says that he wasn’t scared, but “when the Cybermen put those little things on the runway and they scared everybody” was a really “creepy” moment. Creepy and amazing are his two favorite adjectives. To be perfectly clear, though, he really would prefer voices that he can clearly understand!

There’s a magical little moment just before the Cybermats – the “little things” that he described – attack. It’s one of the very few times in the series where the Doctor acknowledges having a family. There’s also a little bit of continuity that would get handwaved as the show continued, where the Leader recognizes the Doctor from the two previous Cyberman stories, and speaks about them as though they were the only two events in which the Cybermen were ever involved. The writers weren’t to know that they’d still be doing Cyberman adventures set all across time and space for the next fifty years, so the charming attempt to link the three stories in one linear and complete timeline simply can’t stand in the face of future fiction.

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