Ultraman 1.21 – Breach the Wall of Smoke

Well, our son may not have really liked this morning’s movie, but he really liked this half-hour of mayhem. This time out, the Science Patrol is battling a four-legged beast called Kemular that belches a poisonous smoke. I thought the most interesting bit was when we see the population of a small city lying motionless and still amid clouds of thick gas, but he was much more interested in seeing the army tanks shell the beast before it then starts laying waste to the miniature city. He was hopping up and down with excitement. Then, in tribute to the four-legged monster, he spent the next ten minutes on all fours crawling around the house.

Of note for readers interested in the continuity of the heroes and their weapons, I believe that this is the first time that Ultraman’s laser ray is completely ineffective against a monster, not causing an explosion or anything, just fizzling out. The Science Patrol destroys Kemular with a bazooka that fires a new chemical shell that Ito developed in a lab, although it, or perhaps another Kemular returned a couple of decades later in one of the sequel series, Ultraman Powered.


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