Ultraman 1.16 – Science Patrol into Space

This episode is fantastic. “This is kind of scary!” Daniel said at one point, and he raced behind the sofa a little later. Good. I was starting to think that, after the comedy episode a little while back, this program had lost its power to unnerve him. Nope, the return of the Baltans took care of that.

I wish this show had more enemies like these guys. When one of them pops up on the video screen in the scene above, it’s a genuine jump-out-of-your-seat moment. The plot’s almost superfluous to the Baltans blowing things up and acting creepy and Ultraman cutting them in half – I repeat, CUTTING THEM IN HALF – with some laser sawblade weapon. The boy’s been a little hyper all day, the school tells us. This episode didn’t help calm him down.


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