Ultraman 1.9 – Operation Lightning

There’s something very odd about this episode. The monster of the week is called Gabora, and everybody knows its name and that it eats uranium and that when it does, it emits huge amounts of radioactivity. It’s all presented as naturally as “those are swallows, and they will come back to Capistrano.” Has Gabora been regularly threatening the country for years or something?

Well, he won’t threaten it anymore. What appears to be an exoskeleton-like series of plates around Gabora’s head actually unfold like petals on a flower around a toothy monster face. If you don’t predict that Ultraman’s going to rip those petals right off, you haven’t been watching very many monster shows.

Also, they don’t go to the trouble of bringing in a little miniature helicopter if the monster’s not going to bat it out of the sky. There are a couple of pretty good explosions in this one, even if the whole experience is disappointingly predictable.


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