Incoming – Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks

Some great news was announced yesterday, readers. On Monday, November 14, Fathom Events will have a special screening of the six-part Doctor Who serial “The Power of the Daleks.” This is the new, animated version of the story, which the BBC seem to have ditched around 1974. We don’t know yet whether Fathom is bringing it to Chattanooga, but we’ll be there if they do!

If they don’t, that’ll be okay, because for six weeks starting November 19 – straight through to Christmas and the debut of the latest episode of the show – BBC America will be screening the new cartoon and we’ll catch it that way. (We might have to catch about the last half of it at home anyway… nearly three hours in a theater is a whole lot to ask of a five year-old!)

This actually has worked out surprisingly well for us. Doctor Who was actually scheduled to join our rotation in a couple of months anyway, so this will be a really neat introduction to the show for our son. And if you’re wondering why in the world the BBC discarded episodes so that animation has had to be used, Wikipedia‘s got some background you can read. See you in theaters!


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