Ultraman 1.8 – The Lawless Monster Zone

I do apologize for all the blurry photos in these screencaps. It seems especially obnoxious with Ultraman because everything is constantly in motion. Still, if you need to see a picture of Red King, there are pah-lenty of them about online. I think that the Red Kings – a breed of particularly strong and stupid prehistoric creatures – are among the most well-known of the many recurring enemies in the various Ultra series. I’ll leave it to an expert to tell us whether it’s them or the Baltans.

Red King is the first of two recurring monsters to debut in this episode. The other is a Pigmon, which is a friendly human-sized beast that likes to take care of people. And they’re not alone; two other giant monsters are also stomping around on this remote volcanic island, along with some sentient vines that grab at our heroes.

This is the kind of episode that fueled a billion children’s imaginations. It looks like every great monster movie you remembered as a kid, with the heroes splitting up and being menaced by all sorts of creatures. In a curious surprise, though, the monsters don’t team up against Ultraman. Red King kills the Pigmon and one of the monsters, and Hayata and Captain Mura kill the other. Ultraman doesn’t even stick around long enough for his warning light to begin to blink; Red King is stupid and lets himself get thrown around so much and so quickly that he expires after multiple throws against the ground.

We’ll see another Red King and Pigmon again before long, and my son is probably going to dream of islands infested with monsters.

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