Monster Squad 1.6 – No Face

Well, that’s creepy.

The villain of the week is called No Face and he’s played by Sid Haig, who I believe makes the trifecta: he appeared in Batman and Electra Woman and Dyna Girl as well as this show. He plays a dual part, both the villain and, oh dear, Chief Running Nose. Here’s what Haig looked like underneath the weird mask, which is only in that one shot.

Our son adored this one, in part because of one of the all-time goofy fight scenes. Dracula and No Face pick up lances and ride piggyback on their colleagues. He howled with laughter, and I had to agree it was pretty amusing.

Incidentally, the episode was written by Greg Strangis, who also wrote four Electra Woman episodes and a Land of the Lost in the 1976 season. Busy fellow!

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