Ultraman 1.6 – The Coast Guard Command

Say what you will about the effectiveness of the Science Patrol’s guns, but they sure look cool firing them.

This time out, the monster is a beast from Brazilian waters called a Guesra, and some old sea salt that Hoshino and his pals meet on the port knows everything about it. According to him, Guesras happily munch on cacao beans and, in their normal lizard size, protect the shipments from pests. Just everybody’s bad luck that one got loose in the polluted waters of Japan and got mutated into a giant monster.

Incidentally, Hoshino phones the Science Patrol to report that he and his buddies have not only spotted a giant monster, but also a wanted diamond smuggler. Based on previous episodes, if they’d give this kid a corner office and a gun, he’d eliminate both crime and giant monsters before the end of this fiscal year.


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