Ultraman 1.5 – Secret of the Miroganda

Here’s one of those episodes where all the special effects money went into the set and not the monster costume. That green blanket there is meant to be a plant called a Miroganda. Proving himself well-versed in how these programs work, my son observed, after the human-sized beast slinks away once the Science Patrol has blasted it with lasers, “I think they just made it stronger.”

The inevitable letdown of the effects really is a shame this week because it starts out phenomenally creepy, with green slime and liquid burbling under doors and reforming as the blanket to kill people throughout the city. It’s also got a botanist growing gigantic carrots to do something about food shortages. Fifty years of “big vegetables to feed the hungry” stories in TV sci-fi and scientists still haven’t worked out how to actually do that.


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