Ultraman 1.4 – Five Seconds Before the Explosion

Our son got really alarmed for the first time watching this show tonight. The monster shows up at the window of a sleeping girl and he leapt out of his skin. We reminded him that he left his security blanket at the kitchen table and he ran to get it, missing Hoshino’s latest moment of badassery. Last time, Hoshino stole a laser-bazooka to blast a monster’s eye out. This time, after the monster smashes the window, Hoshino grabs a kitchen knife and stabs it. This kid’s got more moxie than the grownups in the Science Patrol.

Speaking of the Patrol, Fuji’s on vacation in this episode, and she’s still wearing her “light duty” blue Amway suit while playing tennis. Captain Mura explained that she hasn’t had a vacation since joining the Patrol, so evidently she never had the opportunity to shop for anything else to wear.

Afterward, our son really impressed us by suggesting that all the giant monsters we see in this show are a result of that big blue sphere that landed in the lake in the first episode. He doesn’t know the word “mutate,” but that’s what he was trying to explain, that Bemular’s ship created all the other monsters. That’s clearly not actually the case – each monster’s origin is actually mentioned each time so far – but I’m extremely pleased with his creativity and constructive thinking as he attempted to tie everything together.

Actually, while this beast’s origin is briefly mentioned – it’s radiation from a nuclear bomb, bound by rocket for the planet Jupiter, that crashed in the Pacific Ocean – the English language dub does not clarify that this monster is actually a recurring foe. It’s a Ragon, an undersea species previously seen in the predecessor show, Ultra Q. Ragons are typically human-sized, kind of like the Creature from the Black Lagoon or Doctor Who‘s Sea Devils. Other Ragons later showed up in at least two of the many Ultraman sequel series.

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