Thunderbirds are Go 1.21 – Comet Chasers

Okay, so hands up, who knew that Thunderbird 3 had a whacking great drill inside it to make for locked landings on comets? We didn’t.

Two really big bits of “brand new information” for you: first, I bought an external DVD drive for my laptop so that I can at last get screen caps for Region 2 programs, and second, our son, for the first time ever, announced that Thunderbirds are Go is “cooler” than the original. Now, mind, he’s five, and language is very fluid with him. For example, as Scott flies a pod into Halley’s Comet to rescue some dingbat trillionaire excitement junkie, our son declared that this was not cool at all, because he was worried for Scott’s safety. Then at the end, he clarified that it’s actually the load-in to Thunderbird 3 that’s cooler than the original. I actually half-agree with him on that point.

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