Isis 1.13 – Girl Driver

The previous season, they did a Shazam! where Butch Patrick is all whiny because some icky girl is trying to play sports. This season on Isis, the prospective auto club president is equally whiny because another icky girl can drive real well and work on engines. She’s played by Susan Lawrence, who would play B.J. in Dr. Shrinker the following season. Lawrence had a very short career in Hollywood, lasting only about six years, but she had several high-profile TV appearances before she retired.

My son was pretty sure that the girl would win the rally to prove she can be auto club president because the boy cheats. He watches a Nick Jr. cartoon called Blaze and the Monster Machines and that’s the plot of pretty much every single episode: one of the whiny, naughty cars cheats and loses, as he explained to me at hilarious length after we finished. I appreciate these shows trying to have a moral or two, but my son’s breathless, amusing recaps of Blaze’s last few adventures were a lot more entertaining than the original cartoons!.



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2 responses to “Isis 1.13 – Girl Driver

  1. Isis Fan

    Thanks for all your stories about Isis! I’ve enjoyed catching up with your blog and wish that DC Comics would create an Isis with the morality and ethics of the television version.

    • I agree completely, but DC Comics has never really cared to support characters that the TV people have turned into big successes, like Static in the mid-2000s. DC did have a version of Isis a few years ago, but they kept her as part of the ensemble cast of JSA and turned her into a villain for some idiotic reason. (According to Wikipedia; I never read those comics.)

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