Thunderbirds are Go 1.19 – Extraction

Cry Wolf” was one of the episodes of the original Thunderbirds that angered our son Daniel the most when we first watched it. It rapidly became one of his favorites and he has rewatched it several times, but the bits where the Hood puts those two kids in jeopardy – even throwing a bomb in a cave to bury them alive! – just infuriated him.

Tonight’s episode opens with a kid showing his dad a backyard Thunderbird 3 rocket that he’d built, instantly evoking “Cry Wolf.” And while the Hood does not show up, the boy still gets buried alive with his dad, sending Thunderbird 4 up some underwater caverns to reach them. He admitted that this episode was the scariest that he’d seen of the new show, since a child was in danger, but Gordon and Thunderbird 4 are his favorites. If anybody’s going to save the day and reassure him, it’s that little yellow submarine.

(Note: I can play them, but I’m not presently able to get screencaps from Region 2 DVDs, so many of these entries will just have a photo of the set to illustrate it. Click the image to purchase it from Amazon UK.)


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