Isis 1.11 – No Drums, No Trumpets

Last time, we saw an episode that dealt with some high schooler’s problem and ran out of plot with six minutes to go. This time, the first six minutes deal with a kid at Larkspur High throwing a complete tantrum because his ham radio didn’t take first prize in the science fair and almost driving off a cliff in a rage. That settled, the remaining fifteen minutes deal with some bad guys who’ve holed up in a ghost town, and, Scooby Doo-like, try to drive off any curious people with guh-guh-guh-ghosts.

The transition between plots was handled very clumsily, with a brief “we interrupt this broadcast for a special news bulletin about something that’s going to impact the plot in a moment” scene, but the importance of a message to “be on the lookout for some bad guys” was instantly lost on Daniel as soon as carts started moving and doors started opening by themselves in the ghost town. When the non-threatening villains (a kids’ show in ’75, remember) tell Andrea and the two teens to wait patiently while they load up their van and get away, Daniel had absolutely no idea who they were.

One of the teens is played by the actress Christopher Norris, who would later co-star as Gloria in Trapper John MD for several years, and later joined the cast of Santa Barbara for a couple of hundred episodes. The non-threatening bad guy with a speaking part is played by Michael Greene, who was the Riddler’s tall henchman in “The Ring of Wax.”



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2 responses to “Isis 1.11 – No Drums, No Trumpets

  1. Greg Anderson

    All seventies TV shows had to have an episode set in the ghost town, whether live action or cartoons!

    • There’s a Wonderbug set in one as well. All of them – certainly including that famous Brady Bunch story – might have been filmed at the old ghost town on Paramount’s backlot, but that’s just a guess. Thank you for the comment!

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