Ark II 1.2 – The Rule

In its second week, Ark II pulled out another big guest star. On the right in the picture above, that’s Philip Abbott, who played Arthur Ward for ten seasons on The FBI. This week he plays the head of a community bound by a stupid law. Also in the cast this week is Kenneth O’Brien, who never had a big part, but he sure had lots of them in the 1970s.

Bearing in mind that I mentioned Logan’s Run in passing last week, this community’s fool rule is that sick, elderly, and disabled people are cast out, no questions asked. It all gets resolved – and I was very impressed that it doesn’t get resolved by our heroes preaching like you might expect from a Saturday morning show, but by standing back and providing some support for a plan to win over the village’s stuffed shirts.

Our son was confused about what “cast out” meant, so Marie explained it. He didn’t pause for very long at all before expressing a fear that we might one day do that to him. Poor worried kid! Otherwise he really enjoys this show.

One thought on “Ark II 1.2 – The Rule

  1. Actually, “in its second week” may not be accurate. The episodes on BCI/Entertainment Right’s DVD release appear to be in production order, which is the order we will watch them, but there’s some question as to the actual order of broadcast on CBS. This one may have been shown eighth.

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