Isis 1.3 – The Spots of the Leopard

Daniel was quite genuinely critical of tonight’s episode, but I was amused by how he phrased things. He’s certainly responded negatively to shows before, usually with fear or derision, but tonight he said “That was good, but not very good. But I guess that’s better than bad.” You can expect his first contributions to somebody’s movie review forum around 2026 or so.

And no, it wasn’t very good, thanks in no small part to the law of conservation of speaking parts in television, meaning that the number of suspects is one, plus, if you really wanted to push it, some unseen and offscreen potential villains. He hasn’t figured that out yet, but he will. Just wait.

Sadly, all three of the principal guest stars in this episode have since passed away, but unusually for a Filmation episode, all three of them were very recognizable actors with quite a long list of credits. Lou Frizzell and Paul Jenkins were regular faces in ’70s TV shows, usually as either cops or criminals. Debralee Scott played Cathy on both Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman and its follow-up Forever Fernwood before co-starring in the long-forgotten ABC sitcom Angie.


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