Shazam! 1.7 – The Treasure

The principal guest star in this episode of Shazam! was Ruben Moreno, who played native Americans in many westerns on TV or film in the 1960s and 1970s. The plot is a bit more interesting than some of the others. Adam and his grandson are frustrated by two punks who keep digging up native artifacts from the desert near their trailer and aren’t optimistic that the local police will do much about it. I appreciated the opportunity to pause at the commercial break and explain the situation a little more to my son. For all its dopey feel-goodness, this show’s brain was really in the right place sometimes.

What thrilled him the most was the climactic scene, in which Captain Marvel races after a small private airplane that the punks are attempting to use to get away. Adult eyes can certainly figure out how they accomplished the effect of Captain Marvel running with the speed of Mercury, but it really looks unusual and neat and sure wowed little kid eyes. Sometimes “practical” effects still work best.


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